Birth Classes F.A.Q.

Here are the most common questions about the birth classes. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Q: What birthing Method is this series?

A: The Bradley Method. It’s a natural childbirth training method. Our classes are judgement free! We’ve had many couples decide on not going the “natural” route and have had wonderful stories and experiences. They felt educated and empowered by taking this class, and were able to use the information learned to enhance their experience.

Q: How long is this series and class?

A: The series length is 12 weeks. Each (weekly) class lasts 2-2.5 hours (depending on questions, tangents, or how much fun we have).

Q: Where are classes held?

A: In my humble abode. Our cross streets are Signal Butte and Warner. Once I get word that you would like to sign up, I will send you the address. Gotta filter out the stalkers somehow. Ha!

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: We suggest you bring two pillows, to help get you into more comfortable exercise positions, a yoga mat if you have one (we’ll be on the ground a lot so you may find it comfier). And for you and coach/dad to wear comfortable clothing. Mainly because some of the positions might be a little too hard to get into if you’re wearing, say, jeans or a skirt.

Q: The father travels a lot for work… Can I still come?

A: Absolutely! Either you or I can fill him in on the vital information and we should be good. It would be best though if they were here for at least 50% of the series.

Q: I like what I see, how do I reserve my spot in class?

A: Easy, just click here and request your spot reserved for class. Simple as that. (Note: Classes can fill up fast)

Q: When do you need to know by?

A: Whenever you’re ready, but my classes do tend to fill up completely, so the faster I hear from you the faster you’re guaranteed a spot.

Common questions I ask you…

Q: What is your due date? It’s preferable that you’re 24-28 weeks when you start, so that the information you learn from class is still fresh and that you have enough time to finish the class before you give birth. I have a variety of upcoming classes, though, so I’m sure one will work. Check here, to see if there’s an upcoming class just for you!

Q: Are there any food allergies or aversions I should be made aware of? A light snack is provided the first 2 weeks of class. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Q: Who will be joining you in this series (name and relation)? Just need to make sure I have enough seats.

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