Coming Soon! Postpartum Care

Is my baby getting enough food?  How often should my baby pee and poop?  Should I wake my baby to eat?  Does this cord stump look okay? When will I have time to clean my house? When will I find time to feed myself? Or even take a shower?!  I only sleep in 2-3 hour increments and I’m so tired!!  Am I doing it right?

 The postpartum period can be overwhelming for a new family.  It is one of the most  underprepared for times in a new family’s life. And the mom can easily be overlooked by this new cute face. But mom still matters and still needs to be taken care of!

​Postpartum doulas can ease moms into motherhood by helping them figure out your newest addition(s). Newborn care, breastfeeding, pumping, baby sleep cycles, post birth care (for mom) can be eased with having a doula present. Look to see if this is the right thing for you.

Postpartum Support- $40/hr (min. 4 hours)


  • Initial Consultation/Meet and greet (FREE)*
  • One warm meal for 2 (extra fees may apply for additional meals)
  • Helping the mom through transitioning to new baby*
  • Newborn Care and Instruction*
  • Diaper change*
  • Birth Debriefing
  • Doing light cooking/cleaning.*
  • Emotional/Physical support.*
  • Sibling Care.*
  • Pet Care*
  • Breastfeeding Support*
  • Pumping Support*
  • Possible errand running
  • More services can be discussed when interviewed.

Overnight Postpartum Support- $260/10 hours (night shift)


  • All of the * above
  • Newborn care during the night
  • Will wake the mother to breastfeed when baby is cueing to feed. Then continue care after baby is fed so the mother can go back to sleep
  • Will formula feed baby and rock baby sleep so mother can sleep