Doula Support

Giving birth to your baby is something you will never forget. Research has been done to support this. Doulas like me can heighten this experience by relieving stresses caused by labor, and encouraging dad or partner to play an active role in this experience (if they want to of course). Birth is a rite of passage in a way, that can become way easier, while being properly guided and nurtured.

Birth Doula- $1200 ($300 off if taking my childbirth class)


  • Initial Consultation (FREE)
  • One prenatal visits (usually lasting about 1-2 hours)
    • includes:
      • During these visits we discuss mom AND dads wishes for the birth, hospital protocols, and possible birth fears and concerns. I will help you create a birth plan that fits you, review stages of labor and practice positions and laboring techniques for delivery.
  • Compassionate, non-judgemental support of the decisions you make for your birth.
  • Help organizing your birth plan
  • Continual support during labor
    • includes:
      • 24 hour on call support for questions before and around your due date
      • Informational, emotional and physical support throughout your labor and approximately 2 hours after you’ve had the baby
  • One postpartum visit (around 7-14 days after baby)
    • Includes:
      • Debriefing of your labor and delivery experience.
      • Help with breastfeeding questions or concerns. I have resources available if a Lactation Specialist is required.
      • Basic newborn care